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aktív  Téma # 2  Új konferencia

2010/04/08 @ 16:44
Írta: bandita


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Válasz # 101
2017/03/13 @ 04:42
Írta: 8d6wnRW6K


Thanks Janice.By the way, “you all” is just me, it’s my site and I’m the one doing it LOL.If you started on the current dose of metformin instead of working up to it you will have more stomach problems. Prandin can also cause them. Talk to your doctor about building up the dose slowly or if you still have problems th71e&#82re;s an extended release version that many people find a lot better. Have you read the Testing 101 link? I’m curious about why you test 2 1/2 hours after the meal.Lizzy
Írj neki levelet:  8d6wnRW6K   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 102
2017/03/13 @ 04:46
Írta: bcZWteXNu


sctcrh224ihaclie sheen doesnt need help the guy loves partying like we all do we all go out and get pissed and stuff , just because hes in the media spotlight they think hes a problem KEEP ON WINNING CHARLIE
Írj neki levelet:  bcZWteXNu   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 103
2017/03/13 @ 04:49
Írta: nCO9ttQbBK


Ok I’m planning to watch movies with my friends on Halloween so I need ideas. It can be scary, halloween themed like nightmare before christas, or a comedy. In case idk the movie your talkin about give me some info or deitospcirn of the movie. THX!
Írj neki levelet:  nCO9ttQbBK   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 104
2017/03/13 @ 04:54
Írta: DJNaJUVj6q4


bet that most, if not all, of us would glady accept from Obama everything a U.S. Senate committee demanded and got from McCain...a Senate committee of which Obama was a member. What's more rational jutisftcaiion than demanding from Obama what Obama demanded and got from McCain?
Írj neki levelet:  DJNaJUVj6q4   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 105
2017/03/13 @ 04:57
Írta: QcO33nA1


Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely prolonged comment but following I clicked submit my comment di2dn#8&17;t demonstrate up. Grrrr… nicely I’m not producing all that around once again. Anyways, just wished to say fantastic blog!
Írj neki levelet:  QcO33nA1   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 106
2017/03/13 @ 09:50
Írta: q7wMe3HQJBz


It might be the time of night but my mind is totally in the gutter. something to do with the angle of the face to , ahm#3e82&0; Stuff.Not helpful but the voices made me do it.Looking forward to sending you more money.
Írj neki levelet:  q7wMe3HQJBz   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 107
2017/03/13 @ 09:59
Írta: fI5jBYYS


they will take US mo3#0&e82ny;but how about at shops and other places? I dont want to have a lot of cash with me, just enough for small things besides taxis and figured my debit card for all else but if that wont work, travelers checks or no? Oh, guess i best check with my hotel then too right? I planned to pay with my debit card there too and forsure do not want to have all that in cash!??? Thank you!
Írj neki levelet:  fI5jBYYS   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 108
2017/03/13 @ 10:05
Írta: KG42o9pORiVX


Iceland was able to exit the international financial system (mind you, there are no &#p276;o8t-out– options) they would most likely return to a reliance on rotten shark meat.
Írj neki levelet:  KG42o9pORiVX   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
Válasz # 109
2017/03/13 @ 10:27
Írta: W7gn2iTs2KV


Euh faccio tutte o piu' o meno le cose che citi! Wow mi sento onorata :) Mi perdoni se di tanto in tanto uso l&fol;ha9#t3ne? Non e' malaccio, molto utile quando lavoravo ad un mag per ragazzi e a volte mi mandavano le immagini piccoline.
Írj neki levelet:  W7gn2iTs2KV   Válasz közzététele  Lap tetejére
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